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For the Love
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Welcome to Wonderful Wanda’s!  Although Wanda no longer owns the business, which originally started as a bakery in the early 90’s, Brandy (Wanda #5) and the team make it their goal give you the best experience possible!

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We Are
Wonderful Wanda

Wonderful Wanda’s is a family owned and operated business.  Ross and Brandy come from small Nebraska towns where hearty, homecooked meals are a tradition.  They believe sharing a meal brings friends and loved ones together. As you browse through the menu, you will notice some items have names, these are some signature dishes of Ross and Brandy’s children and team members.

Ross and Brandy stand by their homecooked meals and try to source from as many local small businesses as possible.  Like Wanda’s, small businesses are the heart of their community!  Wanda’s deliciously crisp hash browns come from Sage & Sand potato.  Capistrano’s Bakery delivers fresh baked bread several times a week.  The tortillas are homemade from Mama Lola’s which make their burritos stand apart from all other breakfast burritos.  All meats and cheeses are sourced from Boar’s Head.  Willie Itule delivers farm fresh produce throughout the week. To top it all , they use Hickman Farms Eggs.  With these fresh, local ingredients, Wonderful Wanda’s chefs take pride in cooking each meal with love!

Our Team


Josie - Server 


Violet - Back of House

Sarah - Server

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